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Flexible payments
that fit your needs

Our products and services allow our customers to make hassle free payments. We offer a wide range of secure payment possibilities, from card-based products to digital wallets and innovative payment solutions.

We provide clients with customised payment solutions that are easy to set up and adaptable to any organisation or business. Whether it's payroll, travel, insurance, loyalty or membership cards, our solutions offer competitive prices for usage and money transfers.

Prego for Business

Our payment products provide companies with an easy, safe and cost-effective way to pay salaries to local, foreign workforce or members. Our products can be customised to a solution that fits your exact requirements.

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A hassle free and transparent payroll for your local and foreign workers, no bank account required.


Payment of salaries or commission is transparent and hassle free.

Digital Wallet

Easy payout options for companies to individuals connected to their business.

Loyalty & Membership

Engage with customers, redeem payments and grow your business.

Prego for individuals

Our payment products and added services gives our customers the opportunity to access a payment system regardless of personal status or bank account ownership. We can facilitate multiple payment solutions such as payroll cards with two-card setup for an affordable alternative to money transfer, digital wallets, insurance integration and mobile payments.

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Payment Card

Withdraw your money safely from ATM's worldwide and pay wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Card-to-Card Transfer

Make instant money transfers between cards linked to your account.

Mobile App

Easy access to your account, check balance and make transfers on the go.


Product add-on with proof of insurance worldwide.

Instant money Transfers

Making instant money transfers could never been easier.

Friendly support

If you have questions or need help, please get in touch! Our friendly support team will assist you with anything you may need. You may also find our support page helpful as it contains useful information on all our products.



Prego has a social responsibility towards our customers and the local and foreign workforce that we serve with our solutions. Our products are designed to prevent social dumping and exploitation.